Customer Service is ALIVE! Thank you, George Plumbing! | 07/14/10

"If you're like me, you miss good customer service.  You wish for it, you hope for it, and when you get it, you are enthralled!

 Such is my state today.  But first, I must explain the sad encounter of this morning.  A less-than-joyful, shall-we-say, sad customer service experience at a venue that I will not name, right outside of San Antonio.  It was a repeated bad situation, sad situation, when a customer service rep, who I see often, was not entirely listening to an easy question delivered in a kind fashion, by me.  He gave an answer that did not match the question asked, so when I patiently and politely repeated the question, he began breathing heavily, inhaling deeply, "putting up with me" . . . then shaking his leg nervously; finally, I left after having irritated him by, what seemed, merely existing.  Well, needless to say, that ruined my morning.
So, I came home and awaited a plumber for my bad disposal, thinking, "Well, what a day this will be.  And, TADA!  Surprise!  My day was enhanced entirely by these incredibly professional, pleasant, EFFICIENT customer service reps and employees from GEORGE PLUMBING.
Now, often times, all the consumer, client or customer sees or knows of any given company or organization are the people who show up at the door, or on the phone, or at the desk (if we are at said place).  And if those customer service reps or employees are not stellar, or less than stellar, that speaks for the entire company.
Well, George Plumbing must have good training coming down from the top!  Because from the moment I opened the door, two smiling fellows, pleasant, eager to listen and assess the situation, were patient, attentive, and seemed eager to begin their work with close attention to any concern I had.
After evaluating the situation, they offered the cleanest and most effective solution at hand.  And VOILA, the disposal worked, they cleaned up quickly, nicely, pulling out their own cleaning products, disinfecting the area as if it were their own home.  Pride in what they do.  They actually seem happy to do what they do, what often is not the case these days, or too little the case in the customer service arena.  It's such an absolute thrill to see people who actually seek to please the customer, after all, doing so only benefits the business at-hand.
Entirely impressed, I asked for their names, Roy and Brian; and I clarified the name of the company, as it had been my property manager who had contacted them to come over to rectify the problem, and this was my first knowledge of them, for the most part, but for a call I made to Niki (who was also great!  I called her just to confirm time, and "she" helped fit me in a day ahead of what was originally doable for them!  So, thank you, Niki!)
Prior to this latest plumbing scenario, I had no idea who George Plumbing was or that they existed.  But I will tell you, I will now call no other plumber in the San Antonio area before I try them for ANYthing, and I will ask personally for Roy and Brian who represent what customer service is all about and SHOULD be all about:  professionalism, accuracy, quick work, pleasant dispositions, "the customer is first attitude; and to boot, they "pleasantly" clean-up the post-fix-grounds:  "I'll take care of that for you," or "Let me do that so you don't have to" type of mentality.  I called two friends immediately, one while the guys were here, and another after, blurting out praise for these newfound heroes!
So, thank you, George Plumbing for your good service.  No, I take that back, for your GREAT service!  I asked if I could give their entire names, and they said, "Of course.   So, Roy Chavez and Brian Saliba!  Bravo to you!  Thank you for giving me hope that customer service is not dead but entirely alive.  Thank you for addressing my problem, and for making this not just an "okay" experience, but an enoyable one.  I mean, who knew that a plumbing house call could be so positive?  Even fun, as we shared our Spurs fandom and praise for Timmy D. and company.
I asked for the name of the owner, and it is George Saliba!  I believe Brian's father.  Good work, George, thanks for offering such service!  These fellows deserve some kudos.  I thought it was important to share with the San Antonio area; we can look out for each other, send each other to good folks who are willing to keep the customer's comfort and best interest in mind, and I am happy to send others to you!  Thank you for your exemplary service, and for obviously, training your people well.  And for having them show up within 32 minutes of your estimated arrival time.  That's actually very impressive.  These representatives are who the citizens see.  I think these two, in particular, deserve some praise and maybe a bonus!   I'd promised my readers I'd give them occasional recommendations and commendations on my WORD UP blog, and I am proud to give this one!"


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