George F. Saliba

George F. Saliba | FounderMaster License # Retired
George Plumbing Company, Inc. was established in 1947 by George F. Saliba. Mr. Saliba began his career as a master plumber in 1920 in San Antonio, Texas. With only $200.00, a panel truck and tons of courage, he started his business.

George Saliba

George Saliba | President & CEOMaster License #1527
George L. Saliba, born and raised in San Antonio, began his plumbing career at the young age of fourteen. After acquiring George Plumbing Co., Inc. in 1984 from his father, George began etching his mark into the plumbing industry of San Antonio. He became the president of PHCC and held that position for 3 consecutive years. His honesty, hard work, dedication and love for the plumbing trade is an inspiration to all.

- Master Water Supply Protection Specialist
- Master HVAC License #TACLB014679E
- Certified LP Installer
- Former President of Local Chapter Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Association - San Antonio,TX (1993, 2004-2006)
- Treasurer of Local Chapter Plumbing Heating Cooling Contactors Association - San Antonio, TX (2007-2008)

Fallon Foster

Fallon L. Foster | Master PlumberMaster License #15941
Fallon "Lee" Foster, a member of the George Plumbing team since 1995, began his plumbing career in 1980. After graduating from Texas A&M University with a teaching degree, he realized that he gained more satisfaction from the humble activity of helping and protecting others through plumbing.

- Master Water Supply Protection Specialist
- Medical Gas Certified
- Certified LP Installer
- Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester TCEQ License #BP00064
- Former President of Local Chapter American Backflow Prevention Association - San Antonio, TX (2004)

Doug Fielder

Douglas Fielder | JourneymenJourneyman #40063
A third generation plumber, Doug started his plumbing career at 18 years old in new industrial plumbing/pipe fitting. He worked at HEB for 15 years as the head of used assets storage facility. In 2003, Doug joined the George Plumbing team after finding his forte in plumbing service and repair.

Brian Silva

Brian Saliba | ApprenticeBrian Saliba, the youngest son of George, has worked for the company since he was sixteen years old. Now a full time plumber's apprentice, Brian is counting down the hours to a Tradesmen.

Kody Fielder

Kody Fielder | ApprenticeKody joined the team in 2007. After graduating high school Kody was looking for a summer job, and has been at George Plumbing ever since. His reliability is a virtue that every company needs.

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Lic. # M1527    Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners PO Box 4200 Austin, TX 78765