"Repair or Service a Water Treatment & Purification System. Great job, quick ,efficient, saved me money!"

Dan C.


"Installed 1 water softener, 1 water filter, 1 custom shut off valve.

I used George Plumbing to install a water softener and filter in my home which I had purchased myself. I had price compared and theirs were by far the most reasonable. They showed up on-time, were polite, and efficient. They also installed a custom shut off valve that I requested at very little extra cost to me. It's been 5 months and I have not had a problem with any of the work they've done. I'm very pleased with George Plumbing and would not hesitate to use them again or recommend them to family and friends."

Ken H.


"Installed a water softening system. This involved rerouting the water inlet lines and installing two outside valves for untreated water as well as the softener. They arrived on time did an excellent job and cleaned up after themselves.  I will use this company again for my plumbing needs."

Michael S.


"George Plumbing Company replaced our 9 year old gas hot water heater with a new one, added a water pressure regulator valve and a hot water thermal expension tank. Everything works as it should. They do good work but are not the cheapist."

James L.


"George Plumbing Company replaced some piping that was leaking behind the shower.  Plumbers did a really good job.  The price seemed a little high, but it could have been market value.  They did a great job with the sodering and finishing.  They were very curteous and quick.  It did end up taking longer than we expected, but other then that it was a good experience."

David T.


"Replaced existing electric water heater with an energy efficient gas water heater, including re-plumbing to new location outside the home. Added a new "Scale-Stop" system to treat hard water.

It went phenomenal. My wife received detailed reports every day on activities. The contractor was very professional and courteous. He took care of the permits and left us very satisfied as customers."

Daniel D.


"George Plumbing Co Inc. fixed a leak for us about two months ago. We had a leak in our plumbing that was leaking inside our house from the walls.

It’s a problem that had occurred at least 3 times before when we were under a home warranty company. We stopped that and decided to go on our own. The plumber from George Plumbing Co Inc. did a fantastic job. I would rate him as the best out of all the plumbers we have had. I would give them a five star. We are not under warranty at the moment. So, the plumber charged us about $300. His pricing is high, but you get what you pay for. It would have been nice if he was $100 less. I would give him a high grade as long as we don’t have the problem again. This problem had been recurrent and only time will tell if his job was excellently done. However, his price was worth it. We would definitely use George in the future too if any other problems occur. The next insurance plan that we are looking at allows us to choose our plumbers."

Wilfredo A.


"My house kept losing water pressure so after the city verified I was getting water pressure, they recommended I get the water softener checked to see if the line was blocked.

Doug & Kody came out to see what was going on with my water pressure. Turns out the former home owner thought he was Bob Villa when in actuality, he was Tim- the-Tool-Man-Taylor.  The "Tool-Man"  had gotten creative with the water softener and incorrectly installed the softener without a by-pass system  plus he used the overflow line from the house as a pipeline.  He also did not install a expansion tank to take the pressure off the water heater which damaged the PRV valve thus causing the loss of water pressure in the house.

Once prices were quoted & the go ahead was given, Doug & Kody were able to fix the PRV valve that day and restore the water pressure.  They also recommended that a expansion tank be added to the water heater otherwise the new PRV valve's shelf life would be very short.

Doug took the time to explain how my water softener system worked (we moved from Hawaii where we didn't have them) and recommended at some point that we should consider a by-pass line so we could still have a water flow should the softener go bad.

Because compatible parts had to be ordered from Sears, they could not complete the by-pass that day, but the main issue was resolved and that wasn't a problem for them to come back another day.

They came back a few days later to fix the by-pass, fixed the overflow line so should the sewer line backup, it would flow out of the house instead of into the water softener system.  They were also nice enough to remove the osmosis tank under my kitchen sink that I never used.  They boxed it up and Kody carried the heavy tank & all the parts to our outside storage shed after he drained the tank.  When I told Doug that I planned to sell it on Craig's list, he kindly advised me not to take less than a specific dollar amount for the system which I appreciated, since I had no idea how much to list it for.

Only glitch was when I went to turn on my sprinkler system, they had forgotten to turn the valve back on.  No biggie....they were able to explain it over the phone & said if I couldn't get the valve to turn, they'd come out & do it for me which I appreciated.

They will be the ones I call whenever I have a plumbing issue.  I appreciated their honesty, effort and are all around nice guys!"

Debbie O.


"The plumber fixed an leaking outside faucet. He saw that there was a PVC extension on the faucet that was not needed and removed it. He also put on a device that would prevent water from backflowing since we use the faucet to fill the swimming pool. The plumber showed up on time, I received a phone call about 20 minutes beforehand that he was on his way."

Andrea R.


"I had an inspection done on the valves in my water system. This is a state requirement in Texas. They were very professional. I have been using them for the last couple of years. Overall A+ !"

Roxanna S.


"George Plumbing Co. Inc. fixed an issue we were having with our toilet. The worker was very friendly and helpful. I was pleased with their service. Years ago in this circumstance they were fine. Their price was reasonable."

Joe C.


"Doug & Kody are my HEROES! I got a courtesy call from Bexar Met about a 78K gallon water usage. I was referred to George Plumbing, and was bracing for the worst (I seriously was taking pictures of my depression glass to sell it on EBay). They immediately reassured me it wouldn't be as bad as all that. They found my leak, fixed it and added some other things I needed while they were there. The price was AMAZINGLY reasonable. I put a shout out on Facebook immediately that if anyone needs a plumber, yell for George! Thanks!!!"

Sharon S.


"Guys, Thanks for the wonderful job ! I'm more than happy to recommend your ccmpany."

Best regards,

Janice K.


"The Anti-scale system you installed has worked wonderfully. My wife says that the dishes come out cleaner and with no spots, the granite counter tops are easier to clean and the shower tiles and glass doors require a lot less cleaning. As for my side of things, since I initially cleaned the shower heads and flushed the hot water heaters about 90 days ago, I have not had to touch anything, whereas I would normally have to do it every 4 - 6weeks. 

As far as I'm concerned, we made the right decision by going with the treatment system instead of the water softener. We get the benefits of soft water without the slimy feeling on your skin you normally get from water softeners. The best part is, no maintenance and monthly salt additions as required with water softeners. I would have no problem recommending this water treatment system over a water softener to anyone."

Thanks again.

Bob G.
San Antonio, TX  78260




"I want to tell you how happy my family is with the Smart Bottle you installed. Our water quality was so bad our silverware was turning colors and so hard our dishes were actually coming out chalky. I was reluctant to try a softener as we had two icemakers that would be unavoidably affected. I also remembered the soapy sensation other softeners leave behind after a shower.

Your wonderful product was the answer. There are no more funny colors coming out of the dishwasher and our ice tastes normal. And after a shower you can’t even tell there is a softener. I have dialed back the “hardness” setting on the coffee maker and I will be bypassing the now unnecessary filters on the refrigerator water lines!

Our installation was tricky but you guys came up with the perfect solution. The men who did the work were polite, professional and kept the place clean.

Being in the “homes” business I get lots of chances to mention your product and I do so often and enthusiastically. Your Smart Bottle solved a big problem for our family and left things much improved in the process."

Thomas F.


"A quick note to express my appreciation for the outstanding service Mr. Doug Fielder provided on a service call at our home last evening.  He was very professional, courteous and took time to explain the issues. He is an outstanding ambassador for your company."

Steve H.


"George Plumbing Company was great and knew what they were doing. They were very efficient, honest and professional and we love our new water filtration system. Their advice was precise and there was no pressure to buy or even repair with them. I would call George Plumbing again for all my plumbing problems. Thanks George!! "

Melody C.


"You recently installed the Smart Bottle Home Filtration System in our house and we absolutely love it! We were having performance problems with our 15 year old water softener and decided to search the market for a new system. We heard your ad on the radio about the Smart Bottle and how it produces bottled water at every tap with no "soapy, slimy feel", and we thought, who better to take care of our water than our plumber ( for over 20 years now !) .

Anyways, we just wanted to say thank you for installing such a great system in our home. Our dishes stay spotless, the water tastes great from every tap, and the "slimy" feeling that we had with our old water softener is gone!

Thanks again for your reliable and friendly service over the years.

Bob and Olinda M.


"Last month we had George Plumbing install the Smart Bottle System in our house. Although San Antonio is well known for its hard water, we were hesitant to try "soft water" for fear of the slimy feel that goes along with a water softener. I finally broke down after about the sixth service call on our dishwasher, the problems with our new ice maker and the early demise of all our water taps and shower heads. George Plumbing , specifically Clay, did not act like a "salesman". After analyzing our water (for hardness, iron, chlorine and a few other things) he discussed the available products. George, Clay and the rest of the company were excited about the new Smart Bottle system. The fact that the slick water issue had been addressed prompted us to try the system. As a plumbing company first, I felt that we would get professional service at the time of installation and in the future. I was right. Installation was thorough. The system was checked and rechecked a week later. The company's professionalism was very impressive from beginning to the end.

Our water is now soft and tastes great from every tap in the house. We have not experienced any slick feeling after taking a shower or bath. I am very pleased with the product and have signed on for the quarterly service.

Again, thank you for the great system and the great service.

We would be glad to tell anyone about this system.

Steve and Sunny
San Antonio, TX
"I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the courteous, efficient, and candid service I received this morning from Mr. Doug Fielder and Kody. They arrived at around 9 AM, listened to my explanation of the problem, diagnosed it, and within a few minutes were off to work. 

This was my second experience with Mr. Fielder and I was just as pleased the first time. He has an uncanny knack of explaining plumbing issues such that the layperson – like myself – can fully understand. Several times throughout the job he prepared me with an explanation of what work may/may not need to be performed based on his assessment of the problem at the time. The job required the team to access the wall from both the inside and outside, and the whole time they kept minimizing damage to the structure and cleanup in mind. My house has hardiplank siding, and Mr. Fieler was able to remove and reattached a few pieces with minimal damage.
While I’m pretty sure you guys aren’t the cheapest gig in town, rest assured you have my business, as well as any referrals, for the foreseeable future.
Best regards,
Billy P.

"I want to express my appreciation for the speedy response to our urgent request to repair our plumbing on Monday, June 28th, 1999. Naturally when someone needs a plumber they are usually in serious trouble and we were. I wanted to write my feelings about the work done by Lee. You can count on us recommending your company to anyone needing any plumbing work done, whether the job is large or small.

Bernice K.

"The person you sent to my house made a special effort to preserve the look of my Asian Jasmine while still fixing my plumbing problem. Since I'm trying to sell my house, your employee's concern for its "curb appeal" is greatly appreciated. This is what makes your company the best in town and makes me a lifetime customer. The Hartwell family sends many thinks to Shawn and Lee and all the rest of you at George Plumbing. You've certainly taken care of us, over the years!

Jim H.

"A note to let you know how pleased we were with the work your technician Mr. Shawn Jackson accomplished at our home today. I was very apprehensive regarding the problem of no water pressure in our bathtub faucets and somewhat more than concerned of the problem, visualizing the worst.

We want you to know that Mr. Jackson approached us with confidence that the work was not that involved and he corrected it with a minimum of effort. His attitude was so convincing that we were relieved immediately. We firmly believe your company is better from his employment with you.

Sincerely yours,
Walton O.

"Simply a short, but very sincere 'thank you' for the work done at our home while my wife was out out-of-town and I was unavailable. I must admit, I was very pleased to find, when I returned home around 6:30, the water heater closet completely cleaned up, my hose wrapped and hung nicely and - - a new water heater servicing our home. Yeah, the price wasn't, most likely, the cheapest in the world - - but your service, courtesy, professionalism and care for customers' is one of the finest I've experienced.

Thanks again for the relationship since we've moved to San Antonio in this home, almost five years ago.

Jimmy A.

"Shawn and helper Mike arrived on time. Shawn asked about the problem (little or no hot water at kitchen sink and bathtub). He asked to check the water heater (it's less than a year old) and found the setting to be about 10 degrees too low. He then did some tests by shutting off different hot/cold water lines and determined the Moen valves were bypassing, allowing cold/hot water to flow depending on where the handle was. They took out the old cartridges and found they were very corroded. They replaced the cartridges and the faucets had hot water instantly! I was very pleased with Shawn's explaining everything in detail; I was pleased with his troubleshooting skills to ensure where my problems were, and I was pleased that he took extra care.

Lou G.

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