Iron RemovalWATER D.O.G.® WORKS introduces the Iron Hunter, a revolution in the water treatment industry. The first home water treatment system that completely oxidizes iron in water for total iron removal in real-time.

Water Dog Iron Removal

Dissolved Oxygen and Iron, Manganese, & Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

Oxidation is one method of converting dissolved iron, dissolved manganese, or hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) into a form that can be filtered and removed.

The patented Dissolved Oxygen Generator (D.O.G.) technology uses Electrolytic Hydrolysis in a unique and innovative way (Patent # 6,689,262-B2 other patents pending). It oxygenates water in real-time, at various flow rates and at controlled oxygen levels. The extremely high levels of oxygen produced by the WATER D.O.G. Iron Hunter oxidize 100% of Iron and Manganese minerals in water for easy removal by filtration, while eliminating iron oxide and hydrogen sulfide odors.

Technology Platform

Electrolytic hydrolysis is the process by which an electric current is used to split water into its component elements, oxygen gas and hydrogen gas. Typically, a large electrical current is passed between an anode and cathode positioned some distance apart in the water solution. The electrical current pulls the positive and negative charges of the water molecule apart, causing it to split into hydrogen and oxygen.

Electrolytic hydrolysis is used to oxygenate water for various uses, including specialized industrial water purification applications and water for hospital disinfecting. In these applications, economics are secondary to function. This is an important consideration because current methods of hydrolysis utilize large amounts of energy, are inefficient, expensive, and slow, making their use in broad applications impossible. WATER D.O.G. WORKS was the first to discover a method for efficiently and cost effectively producing highly oxygenated water with hydrolysis, making its use in commercial and consumer applications practical.

The Company's technology is unique and can be scaled to effectively oxygenate greater or lesser quantities of water and to achieve very high levels of oxygenation, when desired. Oxygen is formed into extremely small bubbles, called micro-bubbles, which are unable to break the surface tension of the water. As a result, virtually all the released oxygen remains dissolved in solution.

Water Dog Iron Removal Specifications

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