The Patriot pH Neutralizing filter is designed to neutralize acidic water conditions and is custom engineered based on the results of a comprehensive water analysis.

Operation of The Filter
These filters are custom engineered and built to order based on the results of a comprehensive water analysis. Patriot pH Neutralizing filters are used where low pH water is a problem. Naturally occurring acidic water and potable drinking water, such as that produced by Reverse Osmosis, can be effectively neutralized by using special neutralizing media. The media will require periodic replacement as it is consumed in the neutralization process. Calcium and magnesium carbonates are introduced into the ionic makeup of the water during neutralization which may necessitate the installation of a water softener to reduce the hardness of the water.

Filtration Media
A mixture of Calcite and Corosex allows for correction of water with a pH as low as 5.8. The two media are combined together to provide a uniform neutralization rate. A food-grade gravel underbedding ensures low pressure drops and uniform flow rates. If pH is less than 5.7, then chemical injection will be required in addition to this filter. The system is back washed periodically to prevent agglomeration.

Regeneration of the system is initiated by a simplified electronic control timer, which electronically meters filtered water flow to the home and makes decisions to clean based on water consumption and program settings.

These filter models are controlled electronically. A fully programmable microprocessor controls backwash, rapid rinse and return to service cycles.

Control Valve
A hydraulically balanced, piston slides effortlessly through seals & spacers. All parts in the waterway are either Teflon coated brass or composite noryl® materials for a long and reliable service life

Resin Tanks
All filter models feature a non-corrosive fiberglass tank, with a one piece thermoplastic inner liner. The tank has a maximum working pressure of 90 psi and a working temperature up to 120°F. The tank is approved by NSF, UL, FDA, and meets WQA Standard S-100. All fiberglass tanks carry a limited lifetime warranty.

pH Specifications

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