All systems are Pur-Gard compatible. Some models include automatic electronic injection systems, while others have injection options available. All of the systems that we sell have also been tested to comply with the stringent SP-5000 water treatment system disinfection protocol.

All water treatment systems are susceptible to bacterial contamination. Benign bacteria like HPC's can lurk in safe city water supplies and slowly colonize traditional water treatment equipment. Heterotrophic plate-count (HPC) bacteria are a generally benign family of chlorine-resistant bacteria that inhabit most plumbing systems. HPCs are evident as part of the slimy coating that can be found on drinking filters and inside water softeners known as a 'biofilm'.

A biofilm is a collection of organic and inorganic material, as well as living and dead organisms; responsible for numerous water quality and distribution problems, such as loss of residual disinfection levels, odors, color, microbial-induced corrosion, reduced material life and a reduction in dissolved oxygen content. While HPCs themselves are generally not harmful to human health, they provide nutrition and protection for pathogenic organisms.

Pathogenic organisms can be introduced into a water quality management system through a variety of ways, including through the influent water supply, during regeneration, or through outside action. For this reason, biological risk management (BRM) protocols are necessary to prevent, contain and eliminate the colonization pathogenic and non-pathogenic entities within water treatment equipment.

Properly implemented disinfection protocols can be a cost-effective means of reducing both benign & pathogenic organisms. Prevention of contamination is obviously easier and more cost-effective than addressing an incident after colonization has occurred. The development and implementation of a step-by-step disinfection protocol for the control and prevention of bacterial contamination in water treatment equipment is essential for all installations, whether residential, commercial or industrial.

Pur-Gard is designed to:

  • Clean ion-exchange resin without damaging the structured matrix
  • Leave a protective coating on metallic moving parts
  • Clean and lubricate all moving components
  • Create an unhealthy environment for bacteria in the system
  • Activate Purafeel technology on compatible systems
  • Catalytically activate self-sanitization on compatible systems

Software Updates

The Smart Bottle, Atlantis XR2, and Fleck 7000 water systems are governed by a state-of-the-art computer control system that has been ruggedized to operate in the harsh environment of a water treatment system. This controller incorporates the latest hardware and software at time of manufacture.

As technology improves and further features are introduced, you can relax and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your system's software & firmware are fully upgradeable using robust Smart SD technology to further help you maximize your investment. During your scheduled maintenance visit, we can apply the latest software updates to your system, keeping you current with the latest technology.

Quarterly Preventive Maintenance (QPM)
George Plumbing Co. offers quarterly and/or yearly service agreements for your water treatment system. This is not a contract. At your desire, and convenience, we will deliver salt, Pur-Gard, check for leaks, record diagnostics, apply the latest software updates, and make sure your system is operating efficiently. Contact us if you are interested in this service.

Pur-Gard helps protect your water system from bacteria growth, lubricates all moving parts, as well as ensures uniform taste and feel.

REMEMBER - Always keep your Pur-Gard reservoir full to ensure optimal system performance.

Inferior "liquid cleaners" could possibly damage your system. Always ask for Pur-Gard by name!

Your system also relies on simple, safe and cost-effective sodium, or potassium salt as part of its cleaning matrix. Feel free to use any type of salt in your system, however we recommend pellet salt rather than crushed salt.

During your scheduled maintenance visit, we can apply the latest software updates to your system, keeping you current with the latest technology.

Pur-Gard, as well as the latest software updates, can be purchased through George Plumbing Co., Inc.

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